In veterinary practice De Meemortel - supported by three excellent assistants - four veterinarians work daily on the welfare of animals from Budel and the wider area.

Because every second of animal suffering is one too many, we regard keeping up to date with new developments in the areas of knowledge, techniques and equipment not just as a choice, but as an obligation to the animals, their owners and to ourselves.

This philosophy has also put us on the wider map across the border and means that our assistance is regularly called upon for diagnosis and treatment of specialist work and sports animals. This is clearly a nice compliment, but we provide the same level of care and love when improving the lives of Nemo, Flappie, Boris, Bles or Speedy.

These animals are welcome

You can visit with all types of common pets; from field-mice to Great Danes and from rabbits to Frisian Thoroughbreds. To be able to focus our care and attention properly on this, we unfortunately needed to decide to no longer treat farm animals.

Jan Kooken | Veterinarian

Cathy Wisse | Veterinarian

Paul Bosmans | Veterinarian

Suzanne Bongers | Assistant

Sylvia Moonen| Assistant