X-ray diagnosis, CT-scanning, laser treatments, orthopaedics

Expertise | x-rays

First class diagnostics for sport, work, breeding and companion animals.

Our reputation for animal x-ray imaging and diagnostics spreads far beyond national borders.


Every year, we perform over 3000 x-rays on dogs to establish their suitability as a sporting, working, or breeding dog. Dozens of x-rays are taken every week and sent to the KMSH, the SV and several other official reviewers. In addition, two of our vets have PennHip program qualifications. This means that they are able to diagnose hereditary predisposition for hip dysplasia (HD) in a potential breeding dog with great accuracy.

We also perform x-rays for (early) detection of diseases and disorders.

Expertise | CT-scanning

Advanced technique for maximum reliability

Whenever an x-ray or other test produces insufficient information, a CT scan often does offer an outcome.


A CT scan is painless and produces detailed images – possible using contrast dye - of the structure and location of organs and tissues in the animal’s body. This enables better and earlier detection of conditions such as tumours, inflammation and adhesions.

CT-scanning is a separate specialty in veterinary medicine practice.

Therefore, many of our CT patients are referred to us by other vets. Naturally, we take their trust in us very seriously.

If your veterinarian refers your animal to us for a CT scan, we kindly ask you to bring along a referral letter or (arrange) send this to us by email. Unless other appointments are made with us, your animal will be referred back to your own vet or specialist after the scan and diagnosis for any additional examinations and/or further treatment.

Expertisen | Laser

Less discomfort. More results.

Since 2006, we use our own practice diode-laser to perform two types of treatment: high-intensity laser radiation and laser surgery.
High-intensity laser radiation is totally pain-free and we use this – sometimes with truly spectacular results – for treating conditions such as:
  • Local skin inflammations (so-called hotspots)
  • Large open wounds/poorly healing wounds
  • Artrose / Spondylose
  • Arthritis/Spondylosis
  • Joint conditions
  • Tendon injuries
Laser surgery offers a broad range of new options for the removal of for example:
  • Epulis or tumours of the gums
  • Eyelid tumours
  • Ingrown eyelashes
  • Tumours and warts

Expertisen | Orthopaedics

Examination, therapy and surgery


In veterinary medicine, orthopaedics - treatment of the musculo-skeletal system – is also a separate specialty. Our practice has the knowledge, expertise and years of experience required to treat the most common orthopaedic conditions.

Surgical treatment of the ruptured cruciate ligament (in the knee) by using the Tight Rope method, corrections of impaired growth or relocation of the patella luxation (dislocated kneecap) are some examples.

If required, we call on our network of orthopaedic specialists and surgeons for a second opinion or to perform surgery.