teeth | dental cleaning

Dental cleaning

Regardless of diet, your dog or cat can develop plaque or even tartar from time to time which can cause an unpleasant odour. After having a thorough dental cleaning visit at our practice, your animal can yawn again unabashed.

teeth | root canal treatment

Root canal treatment

The root canal of a damaged canine tooth will almost always become inflamed and cause the tooth to become black. While many dogs will keep eating well, an untreated infection will be very painful and can also become a jaw abscess. To avoid further problems, we can perform a root canal treatment.

teeth | tooth extraction

Tooth extraction

Sometimes tartar on teeth has advanced so much that the roots of the teeth are being affected. In such cases, we will remove the affected tooth to prevent pain and more serious problems.

teeth | practical information

Practical information

Make an appointment for a dental assessment and professional dental cleaning. During the dental assessment we will discuss together if further treatment is required, with or without extractions. We will also discuss with you what the expected costs will be to prevent unpleasant surprises.